We make it happen for your company.

Connecting your idea and business globally to Japan and world.

Aim to contribute for the global society and make better circle of world by connecting the countries, people and culture between overseas and Japan. 


About Us


  • Discover new content and products from overseas, integrate it with Japanese culture, plan and execute on-line shop sales instores in Tokyo  and overseas. 

  • Devise ourselves to adapt Japanese culture and products to the tastes of customers around the world, and disseminate and sell Japanese culture and products to the world at stores and online shops.

  • Merge Japanese culture with overseas culture and add values and sell them at stores and online shops to disseminate the wonder of Japan to the world. 


Our Service

What We Offer

  1. Project management of new business/content business for Japan Market

    •Localization support

    •Matching support

    •Media support (Planning, PR service, Media conference arrangement both in Japanese and English)

  2. Technology business consulting service

    •Launch support

    •Service design

    •Branding advisory

  3. Product development and sales support in Japan

    Fortune Spin ( https://www.fortunespin.shop/ )



Company Information


Company Name


Office Location

1-3, Shintomi 2-chome, Chuo Jiho Building #502, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan 104-0041


October, 2016

Major service

Rights business and project management service, Technology business consulting service, Branding and localization support, Media support


Masako Toyoda, President & CEO


Contact Us

For an additional information or any question, please email to info@miyabi-j.com. Thank you.